Diabetes Support

Hope for families stuck on diabetes

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Is learning to cope with diabetes a problem?
Over 60% of newly diagnosed diabetics receive   no education whatsoever!

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Diabetes Support Services 
reaches out to those who are
“stuck” on diabetes!

That’s why we do what we do on a daily basis.

We provide trusted information to the

uninsured, underinsured and uneducated through our


support group meetings … and more.


Are YOU at risk?

*2017 CDC Statistics

One out of every three babies

(one out of two babies of color) will become diabetic in their lifetime ... if conditions don’t change. Education can improve those odds!!

Every 17 seconds

someone, somewhere

hears the words ...

“You have diabetes.”

An Internet search  using the word “diabetes” yields over 277 million web site options - where would someone looking for information begin? And which sites can they trust?

Is diabetes really a problem?

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